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Parking in Prague airport

Parking in Prague airport



          You are running late for a flight, but it’s a busy travel day. You drive up, down row after row of the parking lot, but you can’t seem to find a space. When you finally find one,it’s miles from the airport, and nowhere near your terminal. I am sure we all faced this problem at a certain point in life. Airport parking can sometimes be a real nightmare. And on top of that, most airports charge lots of money for taking up parking spots. Don’t want to put up with most airports treating you like that? Well, then we suggest that you let us help you! Our team will gladly help you book a perfect spot in one of Prague’s many car parks. We will make sure that you park your vehicle safely and comfortably!

           So why exactly should you trust us with booking a parking spot for you?

  • We will make sure that your parking lot is in close proximity to the airport :



DnyStandardní ceníkСena při rezervaci přes LevneLetenky.czUšetříte
1 den500,00 CZK350,00 CZK150,00 CZK
2 dny700,00 CZK600,00 CZK100,00 CZK
3 dny850,00 CZK800,00 CZK50,00 CZK
4 dny900,00 CZK890,00 CZK10,00 CZK
5 dní950,00 CZK890,00 CZK60,00 CZK
6 dní950,00 CZK890,00 CZK60,00 CZK
7 dní1 000,00 CZK890,00 CZK110,00 CZK
8 dní1 100,00 CZK890,00 CZK210,00 CZK
9 dní1 200,00 CZK1 090,00 CZK110,00 CZK
10 dní1 250,00 CZK1 140,00 CZK110,00 CZK
11 dní1 300,00 CZK1 190,00 CZK110,00 CZK
12 dní1 400,00 CZK1 290,00 CZK110,00 CZK
13 dní1 450,00 CZK1 340,00 CZK110,00 CZK
14 dní1 500,00 CZK1 390,00 CZK110,00 CZK
15 dní1 600,00 CZK1 490,00 CZK110,00 CZK
16 dní1 700,00 CZK1 590,00 CZK110,00 CZK
17 dní1 700,00 CZK1 590,00 CZK110,00 CZK
18 dní1 700,00 CZK1 590,00 CZK110,00 CZK
19 dní1 750,00 CZK1 640,00 CZK110,00 CZK
20 dní1 750,00 CZK1 640,00 CZK110,00 CZK
21 dní1 750,00 CZK1 640,00 CZK110,00 CZK
každý další den+ 50 CZK+ 50 CZK

            Don’t waste your invaluable time looking for a perfect airport that would meet your requirements! Just clink on the link and let us book you a spot in the parking lot that’s situated next to your terminal. This way, even if you are really late, there’s a high probability you’ll make it just in time for the flight. No need to fret about missing your flight at all! And no need to spend any time looking for suitable car parks. How nice is that!

  • We only book spots in car parks that ensure our customers safety :

          Our team will make sure there are security officers and guards in the car park before booking a spot for you. Since our experts are highly experienced in this field, by trusting us with booking a parking spot for you, you won’t have to worry about your safety whatsoever.  And it is of great importance that you don’t start your big journey with worries and anxiety!

  • By choosing us to help you with booking a parking spot you save a lot of time:

          Undoubtedly, it takes a lot of time to find a car park that would answer your standards and requirements. So why waste it? Just book via our site without frittering your precious time away!

  • Booking via our site is cheaper than booking via different sources:

      We will make sure that you have a parking spot at reasonable cost. What is more, by booking via this site in advance, the price will be even lower! Let us help you so that you don’t spend too much money on this part of the trip!

             Tired of missing flights due to inconvenient car parks? Want them to make you feel safe? Sick and tired of overpaying? Well, then book a parking spot via this site and we will make sure this journey into the unknown starts safely and comfortably!